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Adding Renders

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1Adding Renders Empty Adding Renders on 7/4/2012, 11:56 pm

What is a render? - A render is an image without a background that can be used for tags/signatures. Creating renders by taking away their background is a pretty annoying task, but it benefits designers everywhere! Whether you make your own renders, or submit your own renders to BOA, you are benefiting everyone who uses renders for their work.

Where do I get renders? - You can create your own renders by using either the Pen tool or Marquee tool in Photoshop, and cutting out the image from it's background. Another way you can get a render is by going to another website such as PlanetRenders or Google Images and posting the render here (in a new topic).

What can I do with renders? - Renders are key in tag/signature making. Without a render, a tag is pointless and has no flow. You can use renders in tags to express your feelings, or simply showing everyone your favorite characters, actors/actresses, or musicians.

How do I add a render here? - Find the render you would like to add, and make a new topic with a topic name similar to this:

"NAMES" Render Garage
(Replace NAMES with your name)

Once you make your topic, you can post the links or images of all of your renders (whether they were made by you, or found by you).

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